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Sweaty Heads Ultra-Absorbent Black Hat

Sale price$69.00

Buh-bye gross greasy locks 👋 Peace out hat hair ✌️ See you never stinky scalp 🤙

Are typical hats leaving you red like a tomato and soaked in sweat? Wearing a hat shouldn't rob your hair of that fresh, voluminous feeling.

Sweaty Heads is here to give your scalp a cooling breath of fresh air, all while keeping you protected from the sun, looking gorgeous and ready for anything the day brings.

All ultra sweat-absorbent headwear in our signature bamboo range is made to prevent damp flat hat hair, skin irritation and stinky scalp during the hottest of escapades and the steamiest conditions.

This multi style cap will change your life!

Our signature black hat is perfect for those serious weight training days at the gym. Keep the bright white lights off your face, look slick yet remain focused and elusive.

Looking a bit rough from last nights shenanigans? Sweat it out in style. Not only is this hat functional, it's aesthetically flattering. We're yet to find someone who doesn't look sexy with it on.

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Ultra Absorbent


Machine Washable

Eco Friendly

Sweaty Heads Ultra-Absorbent Black Hat
Sweaty Heads Ultra-Absorbent Black Hat Sale price$69.00

 ▷ How to wear our hat as a cap.

Cap | How to wear

 ▷ How to wear our hat as a visor.

Visor | How to wear

 ▷ For longevity, we recommend a quick hand wash and flat dry for your hat. If you must use the machine, select delicate and use a lingerie bag!

Bamboo | How to Care