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Our Mission

Founder Story

Director of Sweaty Heads, Naomi New, had an idea one hot summers day in Queensland.

What if hats didn't hold the heat in and make us uncomfortably sticky? What if headwear for sweaty times could be comfortable, stylish and ultra-absorbent? Making us more inspired to be active, enjoy the outdoors and embrace healthy movement without hesitation in our every day lives!

Naomi spent the next three years devoted to research, design and intensive product testing. The Sweaty Heads founder built a dream team from the ground up, to bring this vision to life through a network of female-led businesses across Australia and Indonesia.

From product quality to supplier equality, all SH creations exist to keep you feeling fresh and make the world a better place.

The Idea


Founder of Sweaty Heads, Naomi New started to design a versatile and moisture-wicking hat for herself. She realised that many friends were looking for the same kind of blissful solution.

Brand Launch


Hotties on the Sunshine Coast, Australia came together and got active with Sweaty Heads. The product sample #Sweattest became an obsession on the journey towards our iconic, ultra-absorbent multistyle caps.

Product Launch


After months of hard work, much sweat and champagne the Sweaty Heads Aussie team are ready to deliver our premium sweat absorbent caps to be shown off at beaches, gyms and parties in your neighbourhood. Nothing but the highest quality fabric and attention to detail assured, with our women-led manufacturing partners in Indonesia!